Sliding Windows

A sliding window is made up of two or more sashes that slide horizontally. The window can be made wider with the addition of more sashes. This window is recommended for large wall openings or for rooms with limited space. The sliding windows are very practical and have a modern appearance, making it perfect for use in almost all property types.

Turn Windows

A turn window has at least one sash that opens inward or outward. The window can be made wider with the addition of more sashes. This window type is recommended for residential properties due to their excellent sealing features and more locking points, in addition to their elegant look.

Tilt Windows

A tilt window opens at an angle from the top to allow for ventilation and at the same time maintain privacy. This window type is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

Turn Tilt Windows

This window is a combination of turn window and tilt window that has the both advantages, of better sealing, safety and ventilation.

Fixed Windows

This window has a fixed frame and can come in any shape. They are usually used for decorative purposes.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are an excellent choice to create the feeling of extra space and enjoy extra sunlight, in addition to getting an undisrupted view of the outside. This type of window is suitable for properties that look out on beautiful views.

Combination Windows

Combination window is an integration of two or more window types, such as a mixing of turn and fixed mechanisms, in order to best fit our customers’ needs, in addition to getting the best possible functionality out of your window.