Saving Energy and Cost

UPVC is non-conductive, meaning it does not transfer heat and cold. Therefore, using UPVC windows and doors preserve a more consistent internal temperature in a building, which will help you to save energy and money spent on your electricity bill from cooling or heating your property. Combining UPVC windows and double glazing makes for highly energy efficient window.

Acoustic Insulation

UPVC windows and doors help to reduce external noise, especially when fitted with double glazing option, to ensure calm and quiet environment.

Tough and Durable

UPVC is hardened material known for its high performance and durability, preserving your windows and doors elegant glossy look for extended periods of time. UPVC is highly weather resistant, withstanding different extreme weather conditions.

Rot resistant

UPVC is resistant to different alkenes and acids, as well as oxidizing agents, therefore UPVC windows and doors are resistant to corrosion and very suitable to be installed in coastal areas, as well as industrial facilities.


UPVC windows and doors heat welded corners, in addition to its rubber sealed frames and sashes provide the maximum level of protection against rain and dust leakage.

No Maintenance Required

UPVC windows and doors will never need painting or varnishing. They need only to be cleaned with a soft cloth and normal cleaner to preserve its glossy status.