Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

Roller shutter system is used to cover window and door openings. They are made up of interlocking horizontal slates that are guided on side rails to roll up and down. When the shutter is open the shutter is stored in an overhead case, called the shutter box, above the window or door opening. The shutter rolling movement is done either manually, through a strap or crank, or electrically via a switch or remote control. Rolling shutters have a number of benefits, including: - Weather protection - Noise reduction - Increased security - Energy saving - Privacy protection

Installation options

Roller shutter systems are installed externally in window or door openings, after taking into account architectural design of the building façade.


Shutter box

The shutter box is an overhead case placed above the window or door opening that houses the roller shutter when it is open and also protects the shutter gears. The shutter box comes in a variety of shapes, including: - Standard - Round - 45 degree

Control systems

Manual: Strap or crank Electric: Switch or remote control

Roller shutter slates & colors

The roller shutter slates are made of foam-filled aluminum or Zink-Aluminum profiles. The later profile is characterized by having a higher strength, therefore it is a suitable option to enhance security. The roller shutter slates come in a variety of colors